React Native

Some intial reflections setting up React Native. So what is React Native? Basically its a cross-platform framework for developing native mobile apps for Android and IOS using java-script. So far the environment is up according to the install-instructions covering all steps from cocho to nodejs to firing up AVD. Part from a red-screen when running …

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Converting flc to mp4 Video

Download and install ffmpeg. Make sure PATH is correct. Save the following command as a .bat file and replace input and output with %1. Then drag a file onto the batch file to start the process. ffmpeg -i %1 -c copy -copyts %1.mp4

Slack and Node-RED

Found a handy little node in Node-RED for posting on Slack. It was using an interesting technique called WEB-hooks for posting stuff which seems very neat. Just wish there would be an easy to use tool for better integrating Google Docs with Node-RED. It is also possible to listen on Slack for keywords that stuff …

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Google Docs and Backup

For a while it seemed that google docs / drive didn’t have a rollback function. But at least for Google Docs it has a revision history! But still – local and real backups are recommended.

Raspberry Pi and Google Sheets

Trying hard to push data onto an ordinary Google Doc, but apparently it is much more common to use sheets. Other than that, the main problem was getting the OAuth2 in place. But it works. from time import sleep from oauth2client.client import SignedJwtAssertionCredentials import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import gspread import json #Google Sheets GDOCS_CRED …

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It looked simple enough from the start – but there are many caveats with the HC-06 BT module. First of all the one I had needed 3.3v rather than 5v. The Rx line needed a voltage divider – so it was not only to plug in directly. Then the trickiest part was to determine the …

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