juni 2014


It was a blast to watch Google I/O last week. The upcoming set of smart-watches looks seriously interesting and I might have to get one of those Moto 360’s. Just for developing of course as I haven’t used a wrist watch for well over 15 years. What appeals to me at this point is the […]

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Taking Things Apart: Reaching Common Ground and Shared Material Understanding Presented at the CHI 2014 conference in the session on Hackerspaces, Making and Breaking (Källa: https://www.youtube.com/)

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Hello Wolfram

During lunch I got a few minutes to try out Wolfram – the new language from the Wolfram Research team. In fact, the language was even already installed on my Raspberry Pi device, without me knowing. After updating the packages I typed in “wolfram” and was tossed into the language prompt. Looking online for a

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