september 2015


It looked simple enough from the start – but there are many caveats with the HC-06 BT module. First of all the one I had needed 3.3v rather than 5v. The Rx line needed a voltage divider – so it was not only to plug in directly. Then the trickiest part was to determine the […]

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Sound Experiment

Since the Arduino UNO has very limited RAM we need to put the data somewhere. The Catalex MicroSD card reader provides us with the storage we need, is relatively cheap and sold at Kjell o Co (The MicroSD cards on the other hand might be a tad expensive). The second thing we need is an

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Arduino UNO and ESP8266 Experiments

This is not an easy task, but it explains the basics for setting up a wireless network through Arduino. Basically there are a two sites that when combined gives the right information: The 3.3v seems to work fine and the module looks happy. The output isn’t spot perfect so there might be some

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