Here is the source for a sensor – in this case just a slider – connected to a servo, each phidget connected to plain USB. import com.phidgets.*; import com.phidgets.event.*; InterfaceKitPhidget ikp; AdvancedServoPhidget asp; float sensorVal; void setup() { size(400, 300); fill(255, 0, 0); setupServo(); setupIK(); } void draw() { readIK(); // clear the previous frame, […]

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One week later and the inbox is still clean and tidy. Noticed that more things get “done” and less time is spent pondering how and when to respond on various things. Also check email less frequently yet still feel much more in control. Drew this diagram to sort out my own actions and how they

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Inbox Zero

This spring I decided to do something about my mail inbox that have been growing steadily since around 2005. Although I have attempted every now and then to keep it tidy, I was now determined to clean it up once and for all. I had seen a new app from a small company that was

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Today a colleague dropped an Estimote on my desk (or rather I grabbed one from his desk and promised to return it in one piece…) and one hour later getting all the Gradle files to play nicely I have the Android Demo application up and running. Estimotes are small BLE beacons that can be used

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It was a blast to watch Google I/O last week. The upcoming set of smart-watches looks seriously interesting and I might have to get one of those Moto 360’s. Just for developing of course as I haven’t used a wrist watch for well over 15 years. What appeals to me at this point is the

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Taking Things Apart: Reaching Common Ground and Shared Material Understanding Presented at the CHI 2014 conference in the session on Hackerspaces, Making and Breaking (Källa:

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