Research Environments

Future Applications Lab (2004-2008), Viktoria Institute [archived] [archived 2]

MobileLife VINN Excellence Centre (2007-2017), SICS and Stockholm University [web]

Media Technology and Interaction Design, KTH (2014-2019) [web]

Connected Intelligence, RISE [web]

Media Technology, Södertörn University [web]

A collection of links to some current, recent and past [research] projects

main = main webpage (if exists) or alt= alternative, old = older webpage or archived = archived webpage, local = locally hosted page here on this blog

My own participation in these projects may vary greatly. From being part of a workshop at some stage to being a partner in a project to being main investigator. Most often the projects listed here are a collaboration on some level between a number of people and their inclusion here merely means I’m trying to keep it archived for the sole purpose of finding it in the future. It seems as the years go by information on the internet tends to get lost – like tears in the rain.

Beata – Autonomous Blimp [main] [local]

EC-Agents [main] [old] [local]

Push!Music [main]

Push!Photo [main]

Fridge Poetry [web-tool]

GlowBots [archived] [local]

LIREC [main] [old] [archived] [local]

Autonomous Wallpaper (Digital Flowerwall) [archived] [local]

ActDresses [local]

Mobile ActDresses [local]

EcoFriends [main] [alt]

Material Explorations [main]

Inspirational Bits (Insbits Studio) [main] [local] [github]

Internet of Sports [local]

Fashion Project [web-tool]

Praktiska Hack [main]

RISE Bikes [local]

Upptäckarrum, Expectrum [main]

Innovationsplattform hållbara Stockholm (IPHS) [main]

Multimode, Health Swipe [main] [local]

Art Value [main]

Digital Stewardship [main] [alt] [local] [workshop]

Sjyst!Data [main] [alt] [local]


IVA 100 Award 2019 – Multimode [link]

IVA 100 Award 2023 – Sjyst!Data [link]