Small Recap

To share a few of the highlights since last time, we have among other things been working with sports stuff in our Bell Lab. The bracelet prototype is slowly coming together, although since new tech is already around the corner (Android Wear) it might be wise to keep the design process and sketches but put the tech prototyping on hold.

About a month ago we had our first meetup here at Mobile Life. We arranged it together with Ziggy Creative Colony on the theme of “Researching and experiencing a connected future”. We had almost fifty people visiting us and we had a few really good talks followed by pizza, beer, snacks and mingle. We even offered a preview of Insbits Studio, which *almost* worked at the time. Live coding can be tricky sometimes – especially if everything hinges around one poorly charged battery. Lesson learned.


Fortunately we got another chance to show off how to connect many devices to each other through Insbits Studio at the annual SICS Open House. That’s where we used the steel wire. Everything worked smoothly despite new seemingly random and extremely weird bugs appearing. Server froze and wireless connectivity got saturated among other things.

With the student course work over its time to prepare for the CHI conference in Vancouver where we will present our paper on the topic of “Taking Things Apart” !