Oculus Rift Unboxing

Today we got the Oculus Rift dev kit delivered to us at Mobile Life @ SICS. I met Thomas in the elevator and got updated on the fact that there were quite a bit of research in the VR area carried out at SICS in the 90’s. He would go and look for some old device to have as comparison. Of course I would like to know more about this. Did they publish anything in relation to that development? I still haven’t figured out how to combine this with my sports activities, but it will however support the tinkering attitude.

Couple of things that strikes me immediately even before opening the box – biofeedback, emotional representation and playing with gravity. Also – as I was talking to Martin – blending in a wider range of input to make augmented reality. Imagine seeing “radio-waves” and magnetic fields layered on top of images from a camera. Imagine seeing a bit into the infrared and ultraviolet.