Quite a few things are happening now when the new year has started. While I’m continuing working on aspects related to running and fringe sports throughout the spring, my new project within the material explorations track is called Revisit. In short the new projects seeks to go back a few years, to before the smartphone and bring back a few of the prototypes and concepts into current light of things. What if we got a second chance to re-design, re-evaluate, re-shape concepts using current technology and thinking? Will the ideas still hold? Will they transform into new or radically different concepts? Have any other technology replaced them or even surpassed them? Are the research questions still valid? What new critique have emerged? There are many many questions to ask and address in a project like this, but the fundamental challenge is – what can and could have been achieved in a second development cycle, something that is seen as a bit of luxury and even unnecessary in terms of research. My hunch is that if the new trend of materials and materiality are right then revisiting older projects could and should be done more regularly and perhaps even in a quite systematic way.