The Source

A proper way of handling code nowadays would be using a repository e.g. github. The point is to store (as in backup), share the code and get it into a more social setting where it can be discussed and edited outside a particular IDE. The downside is that it is a bit of a step to learn how to use it and set it up properly. For me personally it was more of a rewarding challenge since it felt really good once I got it all worked out.

Another way is to just store and share your project using an online storage. So here is how I in 30 seconds made all this source available for you as zip-files!

Step one: Get Dropbox for Free from HERE and follow the instructions!

Step two: Navigate to the Dropbox folder HERE where the files are located 🙂

Step three: Realize that by following these steps you learned something new thus made someone happy 😀

It is not really either “sharing” or “social” but it is fast as lightning.