Walking Researcher

Yesterday was day zero in terms of doing any kind of directed effort regarding my own bodily physical activities. I am interested in how technology could subtly encourage overcoming this threshold. What is needed for someone (like myself) to take the step and go out and take a fast walk/jogging/running session? Anyway, I put on the outfit, I went out started walking. I switched on an Android app called RunKeeper to keep track of my effort. After walking a bit I started running up a hill. 50 meters later I was exhausted and walked again for a few minutes. Then I ran for another 100 meters before pacing down into a fast walk again. One hour in total and I had managed a toll of 7km. Funny last time (couple of years ago) I tried this I did much better. This was a sad story, but also good in some way. It feels a bit uncomfortable with all these people around. I would prefer an empty quiet track in the woods.

Anyway, I thought to myself “any supporting tech better add some really good level of excitement, even if it is just initial”. I would love to try this with five-finger shoes or something that lets me feel the ground a bit more. I did not use any music, and I wanted to take in the nature/environment. I reacted strongly towards smell – I do not like moving into a cigarette-smoke cloud – especially when exercising. Someone had painted something under a bridge, so it smelled like paint solvents. Furthermore, I felt the urge or motivation to engage in physical activities like this one so that I would become more fit in order to help others. How can I get a surplus of energy and feel better?

Have I changed my diet? No, not really, but I do tend to skip some meals and I try to eat better and smaller portions. Not sure yet what better is, but more tasteful, natural and less synthetic stuff. My thoughts are that feeling a bit hungry could be a good thing. I need to loose about 10kg, but I also want to keep eating a variety of natural, good and tasty food. That said, I’m suddenly more aware of the things that I eat. I try to listen to my body rather than eat by routine. If it screams sugar I (usually) resist and anything else I give it a little rather than until stuffed. If anything I try to make sure to drink properly and go for salads without dressing.