Preparing for my Final Seminar

The final seminar will take place in two weeks from now. I’m gonna need a long vacation this summer, but there is much that has to be done before that. We need to find an opponent for the dissertation, a committee and not the least get the text ready for print in early June. Today I will fiddle with the last loose ends of the thesis and then at the end of the week try to bring in proper pictures and references. At the same time I’m trying to manage the lab (Petra, come back please!) and set up our hardware/soldering workshop. Hopefully we can order a 3D printer quite soon so that we can have something to look forward to 🙂

And I love the space at KTH! I think we will be able to produce a lot of amazing work from now on and in particular it will be interesting to do a bit of sports related research! As some might already noticed I’m not exactly a sports nerd yet, but that might change with the right motivation. I’m thinking motorsport but I will be very open for influences in the months to come.