Reading about the recent events concerning Aaron Swartz, and how an industry, organization or even government can dehumanize someone, made me think about an old rule of thumb that I have been pondering. We cannot ever allow organizations to be the opponent in cases like this. Reading Lessig’s view of what happened made me both angry and sad. I now feel even stronger that information is indeed volatile and humans are humans, never to be fitted according to any system, model or ideal. Organisations and corporations are not humans and never will be. Obedience can take many forms, but these types of modern gladiator shows must come to an end. The transformation of the society into a transparent fully open one requires us to shift our way of thinking about information,openness, privacy and legislation. Law must serve the people firsthand, and that means to accounting for EVERY aspect of what it means to be human. Cultures will always be in the making, but some things must change. Today it is very black and white for me – get rid of guns and weapons, and acknowledge that information wants to be free. (It rhymes of course)

Respectfully: #pdftribute