april 2012

SICS Open House

At this years open house I showcased both the LIREC project as a whole and the latest progress in the ActDresses experiment. Had a very good chat with Mats Sommarström from Celective Source about possibilities in the leisure and ‘ubiquitous’ robotics area. Came to realize that grounded life essentials and nurturing without expectations would be […]

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The Source

A proper way of handling code nowadays would be using a repository e.g. github. The point is to store (as in backup), share the code and get it into a more social setting where it can be discussed and edited outside a particular IDE. The downside is that it is a bit of a step

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Writers Workshop

We had a writers workshop today for the few of us submitting to NordiCHI this year. Got really good feedback but realized that there are so many question marks. Good and interesting data although the question is how to tackle it and weave it into the larger discussion in a super constructive way. Tomorrow and

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John Dewey

Before I start reading Art as Experience, I would like to state a few things that puzzles me. For myself I would engage in artistic work for myself and not so much for others. In the creative process that is. Then of course letting others reflect on the pieces is always nice, but if I

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