augusti 2013

Giving Blood

About the experience of giving blood. Well, since it was my first time it is of course a test run. But then I have no problem with either needles or the sight of blood so it seemed like a very good idea. Foremost, its just one small way of helping others and one of those […]

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Exploring the Shadows

I finally made up my mind and got myself a pair of barefoot running shoes. It was a nice experience trying them out in the outdoor sports shop. It immediately felt right and for a second the social awkwardness didn’t exist. The finger socks felt kind of interesting, and when I bought a few pairs

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Walking Researcher

Yesterday was day zero in terms of doing any kind of directed effort regarding my own bodily physical activities. I am interested in how technology could subtly encourage overcoming this threshold. What is needed for someone (like myself) to take the step and go out and take a fast walk/jogging/running session? Anyway, I put on

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