Sound Experiment

Since the Arduino UNO has very limited RAM we need to put the data somewhere. The Catalex MicroSD card reader provides us with the storage we need, is relatively cheap and sold at Kjell o Co (The MicroSD cards on the other hand might be a tad expensive). The second thing we need is an …

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ESP8266 – Sending Data

http://www.instructables.com/id/Send-sensor-data-DHT11-BMP180-to-ThingSpeak-with-a/?ALLSTEPS Ahhh, so it seems that the AT+CIOBAUD command has been replaced with AT+IPR instead. Will have a look at that later. Other data sending resource with examples: http://tomeko.net/other/ESP8266/

Arduino UNO and ESP8266 Experiments

This is not an easy task, but it explains the basics for setting up a wireless network through Arduino. Basically there are a two sites that when combined gives the right information: http://www.instructables.com/id/Using-the-ESP8266-module/?ALLSTEPS http://shin-ajaran.blogspot.se/2014/12/noobs-guide-to-esp8266-with-arduino.html The 3.3v seems to work fine and the module looks happy. The output isn’t spot perfect so there might be some …

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Pulse Sensor

The next item on the list is a pulse sensor from pulsesensor.com. Easy to connect with the Arduino UNO and it works out of the box. It is rather sensitive, so hold it gently against the index finger – do not push it as that will stop the blood flow! If the serial is being …

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Little Bits

In physical interaction design it is essential to get a craftsmanship feeling for the interaction – how does the button feel to press, what happens when the artifact is touched, how responsive is the slider and how does it fit in, etc. An easy toolkit to get started with building basic mockups for the simplest …

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Raspberry PI

Downloaded small footprint Minibian and Used Win 32 Disk Imager to put it onto an SD card. Realized that the device had to be registered for the network. Eeehk. Ok, it boots at least. Apparently it is quite possible to control an Arduino board from a RPI. This way one can use python rather than …

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Onto the Arduino platform. It has its own IDE based on Processing. It is more C/C++ oriented than e.g. Phidgets. Gemma check. Including library for neo-pixel check (In the menu). USBtinyISP programmer check. Got an error: avrdude: error: usbtiny_receive:  (expected 4, got -5) But it did upload the program and thus it works. Good enough, …

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Here is the source for a sensor – in this case just a slider – connected to a servo, each phidget connected to plain USB. import com.phidgets.*; import com.phidgets.event.*; InterfaceKitPhidget ikp; AdvancedServoPhidget asp; float sensorVal; void setup() { size(400, 300); fill(255, 0, 0); setupServo(); setupIK(); } void draw() { readIK(); // clear the previous frame, …

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Apparently ServoPhidget has been deprecated. Use AdvancedServoPhidget instead. Typical symptoms are that waitForAttachment() does not appear to work since it cannot find the device at all.