Bamberg LIREC Meeting

Last week we spent some time in Bamberg – Germany for yet another LIREC meeting. I haven’t been to the last couple of meetings because of the parental leave, but the progress since last time certainly is very substantial. For instance I got acquainted with FoAM’s new software agent project GerminationX. Lovely project which reminds me a bit about FarmVille and The Book of Living Magic.

Other news was the EMYS robot strand that focuses on facial expressions with limited capability taking inspiration from comics and fiction. As it turns out, even rather limited expression capabilities can be surprisingly articulated and expressive when including context.

Furthermore we will do a couple of long term studies together with our partners. Hopefully we can do an “Always On” type of study, but as we still are working on the current one using Pleo, we might have to focus on studies that are along the line of those already conducted together with our industrial partners e.g. RobCab and Bestic.